Who I Am


Welcome to my online portfolio! My name is Melissa Parker, and my heart beats for creative outlets. I love to spend time writing, planning events and working with my hands to create something beautiful. My favorite part about public relations is the ability to use these passions toward making someone else’s business dream come true all while expressing myself.

In my free time, I love to donate my efforts to animal shelters and rescues. I have a passion for giving dogs a second chance. As a senior and death row foster parent, I take in needy dogs to be rehabilitated and adopted out to their perfect families.

Why I Love What I Do

There’s nothing quite like finding something in the mail, seeing something on a piece of signage or hearing people talk about a project that you gave your all creating. That’s why I never put out anything less than my best effort.

What I Do

Copy Writing

I love to be the voice behind a company. Whether this means writing copy for websites, social media or collateral pieces, I am always up for the job.

Social Media Management

The world of social media is always changing. I make sure to keep track of changes to make sure that my clients' social media pages are as successful as possible.

Event Planning

Planning events is hard work, but seeing the final product is always worth it. I plan events ranging from retail shopping parties to formal art gallery openings.

I Can


I love to find myself behind a camera. Sometimes that means taking pictures of animals for veterinary clients or food for restaurants. Either way, I'm happy!


When your money is on the line, it's important to know where it's going. That's why I track all marketing efforts to measure ROI and adjust my strategies as necessary.


You have a great cause, and you need some help funding it. That's where I come in! I utilize a variety of channels and materials to reach clients' goals.

Focus Groups

Sometimes all you need is a little old-fashioned research. I host focus groups to truly find out what audiences want from companies and products.