Case Study Research

In my Public Relations Case Study class, I was tasked to research a case study of my choosing and then present it to my class. Additionally, I had to write a report about the case study that explained what happened, why it happened and what the company should have done. In the beginning, I had two major frames of thought: I could either do a case study of a company crisis or a major success. In the interest of keeping my audience focused, I chose an interesting case study revolving around a crisis.

My case study research was done on a crisis that faced Krispy Kreme Donuts. The Krispy Kreme franchise in Hull, United Kingdom, created a week-long promotion that was aimed at students. In this promotion, Krispy Kreme created the Krispy Kreme Klub, abbreviated by only the first letters “KKK.” The public was not thrilled. Read my research paper here.