Public Relations

Throughout my time at Auburn University, I took a series of required and elective classes that have prepared me for the workforce. These included:

  • Foundations of Public Relations: This class was designed to give a full first-look at public relations. It discussed what exactly public relations is and helped students explore if this field was right for them. I found this class to be especially useful in learning what exactly my job in public relations would be.
  • Strategic Communication: Strategic Communication taught me how to effectively communicate with various people that I would meet in my professional lifetime. These included superiors, colleagues, clients, potential clients and everyday members of the community.
  • Style and Design: Style and Design was the most difficult class I took at Auburn University, but I also learned so much. My knowledge of HTML coding is much broader now, and I also learned the ins and outs of programs like Dreamweaver, Text Wrangler, Adobe Suite and more.
  • Public Relations Case Studies: Public Relations Case Studies is a class designed to look at real-life public relations successes and failures. This class was great for learning why the way that businesses reacted to circumstances or created programs had the result that it did. This was my favorite class.
  • Public Relations Campaigns: Public Relations Campaigns gave me the most hands-on experience working with a client. I worked in a group to plan a campaign for Verizon that revolved around Auburn athletics. Our campaign involved revamping an existing app to provide rewards to Auburn fans and Verizon customers.
  • Journalism: Journalism was the first class that really challenged me in college. In this class, I learned how to use AP style and the importance of proper spelling and grammar. I have taken what I learned in that class to guide me in other classes and in my professional life.
  • Public Relations Research: Public Relations Research was a class devoted to solving a problem through thorough research of the issue and the people surrounding it. I worked with a team to tackle the problem of an Auburn professional group who was struggling to gain new members. We researched and made recommendations to help.

Nonprofit and Philanthropy Minor

My passion for giving back led me to work toward a minor in nonprofit and philanthropy. Through this minor, I learned the ins and outs of philanthropy with, from what it takes to raise funds to how to correctly file taxes. This was a great opportunity to dive into something I hold close to my heart.