I have always loved planning and organizing events for clients. From shopping nights at retail stores to gallery openings, I've worked to make many events a success, but it hasn't always been easy!

Planning an event starts with an idea. From there comes approval. Sometimes my clients have come to me with an event in mind, and other times I present event ideas to my clients. After an idea is approved, the word must get out! I have utilized tools including social media, press releases and signage to spread awareness for my events. In this stage, graphic designers help make fliers, boards and social graphics beautiful.

From here, I'm involved every step of the way. From preparing the space with refreshments, decorations and informational materials to photographic the event itself, I work hard to make sure everything comes together flawlessly.

Please explore the gallery below to see a collection of some of the events that I've worked hard to make happen.

Project Gallery