Work Experience

Here Molly Girl

Since summer 2016, I've worked for a virtual company named Here Molly Girl. Here Molly Girl is a full-service marketing and design firm located in Auburn, Alabama. With clients ranging from retail and service to industrial, political, legal and more, we stay busy and interested! Through my work at Here Molly Girl, I have expanded my knowledge of photography, web build, event planning and social media management.


From freshman to junior years of college, I worked as an intern at createTWO. createTWO was a full-service marketing, web and design company located in Auburn, Alabama. Here, I learned how to do the basics of marketing, event planning and website maintenance.

Working at createTWO was a great way to get my foot in the door with a company that could advance my career. I loved my clients, which ranged from woodworkers to watercolor artists.