When brainstorming my infographic, I knew I wanted to explain something that I really knew. If I have learned anything after moving five separate times in college, it's that living alone is amazing! That's why I did an infographic on how to happily live alone.

As I got started on this project, I thought of all of the things that help me be my best self while I live alone. The first thing I thought of that really brings me comfort in living alone is being surrounded by my favorite things. Another aspect of my living situation that has been so great is having people around me that I love. Many of my friends live in the same complex or within a short walk or drive from my apartment. I wanted to share how helpful this is in my infographic.

Once I got started listing things along these lines, the rest came easily. I filled in my infographic with more things that make my tiny apartment a home.

When I was creating this infographic, I knew that it had to look feminine because it was directed at young women. That's why I chose pale colors, including pink. I created this infographic in Canva.

I hope that this infographic inspires people who are on the fence to live alone and discover themselves. There's no better way to get to know yourself than to live alone in an apartment that you've made home.