Restoring Eyesight

I was raised in a family of ophthalmologists, so you could say that my passion for eye health started from birth. When I was 12, my parents took me on a life-changing mission trip to Nicaragua, a third world country that is in need of serious help. Here, my father did eye surgery to blind citizens for free while the rest of my family assisted in various ways. For the next eight years, we went every February.

When it came time to rush a sorority at Auburn University, the sorority that boasted eye health is a major part of their philanthropy was an easy choice. As my mother had done years before, I pledged Auburn University's Delta Gamma. Here, I became Philanthropy Chair, where I organized events that raised money to perform eye surgery on wounded veterans.


Traveling to Nicaragua was something that I would look forward to each year. In fact, I was so excited to go back that I found myself organizing fundraisers and events to raise money for more surgical instruments bring with us. My time in Nicaragua was truly spent working harder than I ever had in my life (and for an amazing cause, no less), spending time with my family and making lifelong friends thousands of miles away from me.

Delta Gamma

Being in Delta Gamma was a great way to get involved on campus while I was too far away and busy to go to Nicaragua. I was able to volunteer to restore vision while also making friends that made my college experience remarkable. I wouldn't trade the years that I spent in my sorority for anything.