Personal Logo

When brainstorming my personal logo, I knew I wanted something simple but also representative of my creative spirit. I used Adobe Photoshop achieve this. My logo colors and font were carefully chosen, as I wanted them to truly represent who I am as a person and a marketer.

I chose pale pink because it is a modern shade of a feminine color. I like to think of myself as a modern, feminist woman, but I also love the traditionally girly color pink. My name in my logo is written in a feminine script to represent my passion for careful handwriting. As an avid thank you card writer, I find myself constantly working to perfect my cursive. Not only do I want my thank you cards to look beautiful, but I also grew up with the instruction to write them in cursive, as it is more formal. I’ve grown to love the twists and loops that cursive handwriting creates. In fact, knowing that elementary schools are phasing out cursive education hurts me to the core.

I chose a circular shape of my logo on a square background because I like that my logo would look great on a rectangular business card or on a circular sticker.