Social Media Release

For my social media release, I wrote about Hangout Music Fest. Hangout Music Fest is an annual festival that features the hottest bands, rappers and artists. This festival takes place on the beach at Gulf Shores, Alabama.

The venue includes multiple stages. These stages allow various artists to perform simultaneously. This ensures that no matter your music genre preference, multiple options will be available for viewing.

I chose to write about Hangout Music Fest because this music festival has always stood out to me. While some music festivals seem to be breeding grounds for bacteria and trouble, Hangout Music Fest seems to truly foster an environment that is all about music.

The festival does carry risks similar to others, however. Each year, paramedics are on standby to deal with issues such as dehydration, drug overdose or reaction, alcohol poisoning and more. Regardless, this festival is considered safer than most comparable festivals.