Survey Research

The Public Relations Council of America East Alabama Chapter (PRCA-EA) interview process was conducted in hopes of learning more about members and former members. Questions that my client wanted answered included:

  • What do members like/not like about the organization?
  • What do members wish we did more/less of?
  • Are there types of programs our members would like?
  • Do members have interest in helping out with projects related to PR and current events beyond monthly meetings?
  • What can PRCA-EA do to make membership more valuable to members?
  • Answers for these questions came from individual interviews with members of PRCA-EA.

    Sampling was taken through voluntary, in-person interview. Questions were generated in advance and approved by Dr. Brunner. The participants did not have a copy of the questions prior to the interview. Each participant was asked the same series of questions. There were nine major questions, each with a number of probe questions. Each interview was recorded. Interviews were given in the interviewee’s office, except for Ms. Voynich’s interview, which was given in an adjacent conference room. The data was collected in a two-week span in April 2017.